GNU/Linux software engineer in Vancouver, WA, USA

Working with the GNU/Linux stack since 2003 and freelancing as “Anteater LLC” since 2015. Many of my projects have been for embedded systems and have used the C or C++ languages. Below is a list of recent clients and employers, and of projects I completed for them.

I am always interested in discussing new projects; feel free to contact me to discuss yours. I have a particular interest in work that will be contributed to open source projects and will offer highly competitive rates thereon.


Gnarbox logo

Gnarbox, the world’s first mobile solution for viewing, backing-up, editing, and sharing HD footage, needed a platform device driver to control a USB port mux based on the status of GPIO/interrupt lines. I authored this driver in addition to helping with various other low-level issues.

“… The mux switch and gpio config are out in the field with a few thousand users and still going strong, so well done…”
    – Mike L., CTO, Gnarbox

Zodiac Inflight Innovations

Zodiac Aerospace Logo

I have worked with Zodiac Inflight Innovations, a leading provider of in-flight entertainment solutions, as both a consultant and as an employee. Most recently I have worked on their next-generation multicast data distribution system. A career highlight was solving a bug affecting ~20,000 shipped units by creating a block device driver which intercepted struct bio instances destined for a problematic storage device, performing necessary hardware resets while holding those instances in queue.


Spacex logo

At SpaceX I helped with initial bringup of a PowerPC P2020 platform and maintenance of a PowerPC 8641D platform, including creation of device tree files and platform code changes. I made extensive changes to U-boot including introduction of new commands and adding new functionality to ethernet phy drivers.